Palas AQ Guard series launched
Palas AQ Guard series launched

Palas AQ Guard series launched

Palas, leading developer and manufacturer of high-precision devices for the generation, measurement and characterization of particles in the air, launched the AQ Guard series for measuring indoor and outdoor pollution.

Software solution for sustainable, professional assessment of indoor air hygiene. with AQ Guard and Indoor Air Hygiene Professional package

By combining CO2 and particle counting (from a size of 150 nm upwards), an infection risk is determined for a specific room and usage situation (e. g. classroom, conferences).
With the help of artificial particles generated by an aerosol generator, effectiveness tests for room air cleaners can also be carried out directly on site (real room situation) – even if no people are present. This allows air hygiene concepts to be placed on a solid foundation and the requirement for room air cleaners to be determined. Up to four AQ Guards can be integrated at the same time for evaluation purposes.

Case study : Indoor air measurements in an amusement park (video)

AQ Guard datasheet

Precise determination of outdoor air quality with AQ Guard Smart

How can air pollution be reduced in the future? In order to answer this question, reliable, continuous and flexible measurements of particulate matter concentrations and distributions are required, which allow conclusions to be drawn on the cause and predictions to be made.
The lightweight and easy-to-use measuring device AQ Guard Smart is suitable as a supplement to regulatory measurements, for monitoring and controlling safe working conditions and for temporary or permanent air quality monitoring at road-side locations, construction sites or industrial plants.
Like all Palas® fine dust devices, AQ Guard Smart works according to the proven principle of optical measurement and classification of single particles, which has been considerably improved by us. If required, the device can be equipped with additional sensors, like weather or gas measurement technology. Also it can provide information about the origin of the pollution.
AQ Guard Smart is the perfect addition to the Palas® portfolio for mobile or stationary outdoor air quality measurement tasks.

Case study: Air quality during natural events (video)
Case study: Immission control during construction or demolition work

AQ Guard Smart datasheet

Acurate measurement of ultrafine dust
with AQ Guard Smart 2000

Ultrafine particles (UFP) have a significant impact on our health – confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO). However, optical aerosol photometers or spectrometers can hardly or not at all detect them due to their small size.
AQ Guard Smart 2000 was specially designed for use in the ultrafine particle range. The compact and easy-to-use measuring device closes the gap between classical condensation particle counters (CPC) and optical systems and convinces by its price-performance ratio.
The AQ Guard Smart 2000 is suitable as a quality control instrument, for example to check and compare concentrations or to detect trends and deviations.
Long-term measurements for the evaluation of number concentrations indoors and outdoors are thus easily and reliably possible, for example at highly polluted locations such as seaports and airports, main roads, forwarding agencies or even toll and border stations. But the AQ Guard Smart 2000 is also used for formation and dispersion studies.

AQ Guard Smart 2000 datasheet.pdf

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Palas AQ Guard series launched News: Palas AQ Guard series launched

Palas, leading developer and manufacturer of high-precision devices for the generation, measurement and characterization of particles in the air, launched the AQ Guard series for measuring indoor and outdoor pollution.

VMM chooses for TAPI-400 O3 monitors again! News: VMM chooses for TAPI-400 O3 monitors again!

Vlaams Milieu Maatschappij, the Belgian Air Quality Monitoring authority for the Flanders region (VMM – www.vmm.be) has chosen to work with Envicontrol for monitoring ozone (O3). Twenty T400 analysers from TAPI will be supplied starting early 2022.

Droplet's Mini Micro Pulse LIDAR News: Droplet's Mini Micro Pulse LIDAR

The Mini Micro Pulse LiDAR (MiniMPL) is a small form factor, low-power, elastic backscatter lidar. The instrument is a ground-based, optical, remote-sensing system designed to determine the altitude of clouds and to detect atmospheric aerosols.

ISSeP chooses Tekran again News: ISSeP chooses Tekran again

After more than 10 years of experience in mercury trace gas monitoring with Tekran devices, ISSeP (Institut Scientifique de Service Public - Belgium), has renewed his confidence in the product by buying the new Tekran 2537X. This analyser, based on gold preconcentration with atomic fluorescence detection principle, measures the total gaseous mercury (TGM) with a sensitivity lower than 0.1 ng/m3.

Cloud, aerosol and precipitation spectrometer with depolarization News: Cloud, aerosol and precipitation spectrometer with depolarization

The CAPS-DPOL is a multipurpose, research-grade cloud spectrometer that includes three Droplet instruments (CIP, LWC, and CAS), temperature and relative humidity sensors and polarization measurement to discriminate between water and ice.

Monitoring low levels of formaldehyde in ambient air News: Monitoring low levels of formaldehyde in ambient air

Formaldehyde, chemical formula HCHO or CH2O, is a colorless gas with a pungent odor. Levels above 0.1 ppm can cause allergy and acute health problems, e.g. sore throat, skin irritation, nausea, scratchy eyes and cough. Formaldehyde (HCHO) is also classified as highly carcinogenic compound. Exposure to moderate amounts of HCHO has been linked to cancer, such as leukemia.

New carbon dioxide isotope analyzers News: New carbon dioxide isotope analyzers

Stable isotopes act as tracers for studying flows and fluxes of material through ecosystems and the atmosphere. In practice, scientists measure the stable carbon isotope content of air, plants and soil to quantify many phenomena including the recycling of carbon dioxide within forests, water use efficiency, partitioning ecosystem carbon exchange into its components, gross primary productivity and ecosystem respiration, and to identify and quantify the distribution and contributions of plant species to global productivity. In addition, stable isotopes of carbon may be used to determine the effectiveness of carbon sequestration strategies. For these studies, investigators require fast, accurate measurements over a wide range of carbon dioxide concentrations.

ABB LGR-ICOS Carbon Dioxide Isotope analyzers exceed all of these requirements.

Cloud Condensation Nuclei (CCN) counter News: Cloud Condensation Nuclei (CCN) counter

Droplet's CCN-100/200 measures the count and size of individual aerosol particles that can form into cloud droplets. Its fast response time allows use in either airborne or ground-based stations.

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