Mission and strategy

Mission and strategy


Your specific wish is our starting point. Within the field of measurement and analysis equipment for gases, particulate matter, air, water, and fluids, we are experts in supplying you with customised work in the application of hypersensitive equipment and the extensive presentation of the measured values. If required, we combine different types of equipment, so you will get the information you need. We can do this based on existing equipment as well as based on circuits that need to be newly assembled.

Level of expertise

As we supply and maintain high-tech measurement equipment, it is essential that our sales engineers as well as our service engineers have and retain a very high level of expertise. Our manufacturers regularly organise training sessions, both with regard to the measurement and analysis equipment and in the area of client processes. This gives you the guarantee that our employees are always up to date.



We test the equipment and inform the manufacturer of our findings, so they can make any necessary adjustment. Additionally, we pass on our remarks and findings to our clients, so the equipment can be improved continuously. This creates a valuable synergy.

Support and training

Envicontrol's measurement and analysis equipment are too complex to buy online and to just turn it on and use it. That is not possible; you need the expert knowledge to use this type of equipment. This is why we provide our clients with expert support and training. We sell ourselves together with the equipment. We give the guarantee that we will solve any problem that may arise. On-site or by remote assistance.

Service and after-sales

We supply measurement and analysis equipment to the ambient sector, the industry, and the research sector such as universities. Finding the right equipment and making the most optimal combinations is the first step. The next step is retaining the continuity and quality of your measurements. Envicontrol is a relatively small organisation, therefore, the communication lines are short and we can guarantee our services and after-sales. 

Please contact us when you are looking for high-tech measurement and analysis solutions, when you want to know more about our services, or when you have any other question. We are glad to help you.

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  • Exclusive contracts with various suppliers of high-tech measurement equipment.
  • We modify and integrate products in a solution.
  • Our own laboratories guarantee fast and optimal services.
Teledyne API
Micro Pulse LiDAR, part of Hexagon
LSE monitors
OPSIS LiquidLine
ABB Water
Mega System
2B technologies
SK Elektronik

We participate in various fairs and seminars around Europe where we can keep you informed of the latest developments and possibilities in the field of measurement and analysis equipment. Below you will find an overview of the events we visited recently and the events where you can meet us soon.


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