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If you weigh up the total cost of the system, purchase and maintenance, against the quality, how would you characterise that? ‘If you can drive a Rolls Royce for the price of a Fiat Panda, surely you’re not going to drive a Fiat Panda?’, says a contented Anthio van Beekveld.

Since January 2017 Envicontrol has been the official partner of ABB for the sale of all water analysis equipment, components and service.

Anthio van Beekveld, Waterschap Aa en Maas

Anthio van Beekveld has been process operator at this location since 2007 and it is his daily job to make sure that the entire purification process is checked and controlled. In support of this, the equipment of ABB constitutes an important part of the options Anthio has available. For entrance control, the ABB Aztec 1000 is used to measure Ammonium, and the ABB Aztec 600 to measure Phosphate. Besides, there are ABB pH and conductivity meters at the entrance control. At the measuring point further down in the purification process, measurements are also made using various ABB equipment as well, for Ammonium, Dissolved Oxygen, pH and conductivity determination.

When asked, Anthio gladly tells us how the collaboration with ABB came about. ‘It started a couple of years ago with the testing of various equipment at the Den Bosch location’, says Anthio. The ease of use and maintenance were quickly recognised here. ‘The equipment uses a continuous measurement, while the competition uses a measurement every 20 minutes’, Anthio emphasises. For adjustment of the process this can make a considerable difference. ‘Moreover, the equipment is so logical and simple in setup that regular maintenance is easy to do yourself, and that freedom is offered by ABB, while others often have an expensive obligatory maintenance contract with the equipment.’ So you do maintenance yourselves? Anthio: ‘Certainly, and over the past years we never missed a single day. ABB maintains the systems annually with a thorough checkup, but in the intermediate time service is hardly necessary’, says Anthio.

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Waterboard Aa en Maas is one of the 22 waterboards in the Netherlands. Its work area stretches from Den Bosch to Cuyk and to the south, east of Eindhoven to the border with Limburg. Each waterboard, also called ‘Hoogheemraadschap’ (High Water Board), is responsible for a certain area. Within that area the water management is monitored and regulated. This entails, among other things, flood defence, including dikes, but also water quantity management and water quality management. For the sake of this water quality each waterboard is employing a number of purification systems. Aa en Maas has a total of 7, of which sewer water purification installation Dinther is one.

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