The supply of services and maintenance for measurement and analysis equipment for the Belgian ambient market was the reason for the launch of Envicontrol in 1992.
After we first proved ourselves in the supply of services, we added the sales of specialist measurement equipment. Supplying equipment and giving expert advice is important,
but just as important are the follow-up activities we provide: the installation of and repair and maintenance work on the equipment. In 2004, we entered the Dutch market when we concluded a maintenance contract with RIVM, followed by the expansion into France and Northern Africa in 2010. We have now become an established name in all these countries when it comes to the services and sales of high-tech measurement equipment.

Eric Callaert

Our founder Eric Callaert is still actively involved in Envicontrol, especially with regard to the company's future. In addition, he offers his support in the areas of technique, services, and sales. Under his expert guidance, we have been and continue to be successful in our sales and service activities in various industries and for renowned and globally operating companies. He also ensured that Envicontrol is the exclusive dealer of various high-tech measurement equipment. As every client's requirements with regard to measurement and analysis equipment need its own unique solution, for which we often go far off the beaten track, Envicontrol has grown into a financially healthy organisation.


The world is changing and the techniques are developing very fast. Whereas, 25 years ago, organisations worked with PPM and the concentrations of certain substances was still very high, we can now measure nanoparticles and significantly lower concentrations. Nanoparticles play an increasingly bigger role in the measurements as they are directly absorbed by the lungs and within the bloodstream. Particulates are extremely hazardous. The required measurement equipment must be more and more specific and sensitive, which makes our advising and supportive task even more important.

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Boot Liquid
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  • Exclusive contracts with various suppliers of high-tech measurement equipment.
  • We modify and integrate products in a solution.
  • Our own laboratories guarantee fast and optimal services.
Teledyne API
Micro Pulse LiDAR, part of Hexagon
LSE monitors
OPSIS LiquidLine
ABB Water
Mega System
2B technologies
SK Elektronik

We participate in various fairs and seminars around Europe where we can keep you informed of the latest developments and possibilities in the field of measurement and analysis equipment. Below you will find an overview of the events we visited recently and the events where you can meet us soon.


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